Why You Dont Need an HR Manager

I can hear all my HR friends out there screaming when they read this title.  As a consultant and coach to many small business owners, I have often found myself advising business owners to analyze their specific needs before adding to their headcount. And creating a human resource manager position is at the top of the list of what to reevaluate.

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I always start with this question, “What is causing you to consider adding an HR manager to your staff?” Often I’ll hear an answer related to the number of employees in the company. When businesses get to the 40-plus employee count, those in leadership positions start to think that of course they need an HR manager.

So, if your own answer to my question also revolves around the number of employees you have, think again — and analyze. Carefully examine the following seven questions to determine what this new HR position would be for:

1. Payroll and benefits?

These functions can easily be outsourced if you haven’t already done so. There are plenty of payroll and PEOs (professional employer organizations) available to

3 Tips for Managing a Boss You Dont Even Like

bad-bossIf you’ve ever had a job, you’ve probably felt that your boss is a jerk. They want too much, they set unreasonable tasks and they just don’t get you. Yet, a key element of a harmonic work environment and stress-free life is a good relationship with your boss or a manager.

If you’re a manager yourself, then you should know: 50 percent of employees have quit their job because of their supervisor.

Why should you bother?

If you have a really terrible boss (the meme material), you may ask why should you even try to make that relationship work. In short, humans are happier when there’s less conflict in our lives. According to Towers Watson, of 75 possible drivers of engagement the one that is rated as the most important is the extent to which employees believe their senior management have a sincere interest in their well-being.

Also, there may come a time you need a letter of recommendation. If your boss seems bad, there are a lot of ways to make your work-life less stressful and more peaceful. Even if they sometimes are too demanding and act unfairly, establishing trust and partnership is a

4 Ways to Avoid the Worthless Annual Performance Review and Give Valuable Feedback

It’s the time of year for something both employees and bosses dread: the performance review.

An employee walks into his supervisor’s office for his scheduled 15-minute review. The boss looks down at his notes and tries to remember how the employee did on a project that finished nine months ago. The employee tries not to yawn as he listens to comments that are no longer relevant to what he’s currently working on.

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Once the review has gone on for an appropriate amount of time, the employee goes back to his desk and both he and the supervisor forget about it.

This type of unproductive annual performance review has become all too common. A 2014 survey from the Society for Human Resource Management found that if HR professionals could grade the effectiveness of their organization’s performance management, 35 percent would grade it a C or worse. Only 2 percent would give their company an A.

It’s time to change how we evaluate performance. Here are four ways to make reviews more useful for both employees and employers:

1. Let employees choose the date.

Deciding that

What is a Human Resources Management System (HRMS)?

So just what is a Human Resources Management System?  Well, there are plenty of definitions that could cause more confusion than anything else, however one that should make sense is:

A human resources management system is a cross-over between Human Resources and IT, therefore it is allowing the use of information technology via HR software to conduct Human Resources tasks electronically.

Some of the things a HRMS will allow a business to do include:

  • HR related tasks
  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Payroll
  • Plan HR costs more effectively
  • Manage and control HR costs without having the requirement to allocate too many resources to the cause.
  • Increase its efficiency
  • Increase productivity of its employees and management team

A HMRS system will be beneficial to most, if not all, businesses, and invariably they will need to be tailored towards the specific sector the business operates, or in some circumstances even tailored to meet the needs of individual department within a business.

Now, personally speaking, I don’t own the company I work for, however I am aware that they have a HMRS system in place which works well.  The industry I work in is recruitment, so using this as an example, some of the benefits

How To Find A Reliable Marketing Staff That Can Help Grow Your UK Business

Effective marketing is one of the most important keys to growing a business. This is especially true nowadays because of the increasing competition for customers. Whatever industry you are in, there will always be dozens of other businesses trying to attract the same clients as yours.

With that said, you really have no other choice but to set up your own marketing staff if you want your business to stay relevant. Now, finding marketers who know their stuff is not a walk in the park. There are a lot of self-proclaimed marketers out there claiming to have the ability to do this and that but at the end of the day, they aren’t able to deliver the results they promised. That said, you should take the time to look for people to include when building your marketing team or hire a recruitment agency such as, UK market leaders, Sphere Recruitment, to help install the best skills into your team.

Creating Your Marketing Strategy

A very common mistake that businesses make is that they hire their marketing team before they come up with a core marketing strategy. Before you go looking for people to hire, you should have a general idea on what you are

Cloud-Based vs. Server-Based Employee File Exchange

Technology has made it easier than ever for businesses to exchange confidential files without having to send them over an unsecured platform. Thanks to the introduction of the cloud, access to an in-house server or a multi-step platform is no longer required for file exchanging. This development is especially beneficial for insurance purposes and employee information management.

A New World of File Sharing

Previously, programmers would have to create customised software to send information to administrators or insurance networks for employees. Now, cloud-based file exchange software is available to safely give access to approved companies for easier information transfers. Software such as BenefiX offers a simple solution to employee benefits data management. Simplification of the transmission and translation of employee files will improve speed and efficiency.

The Benefits of Cloud-Based File Sharing

One of the major benefits of the new cloud sharing method is that the company using the software no longer has to wait for developers and programmers to create custom applications. This further demonstrates that speed and efficiency are key factors in choosing a cloud over a server or individually customised applications. Another major benefit of using a cloud to exchange

Things You Should Avoid Doing when Writing a Resume

In today’s job-seeking world, a resume or a CV functions somewhat as an introduction to a sought employer. With online platform on the hype, online resume even works the same way as a social media where people get to see your professional achievements throughout your entire life. That goes to say that without a resume that is enticing, no one will move on hiring you. Unfortunately, this logic is often used by some people to go way overboard with their resume-writing process. Instead of opting for a resume that is simple, sleek, and straightforward, some would go as far as writing their life story, and no one would love to read something that long.

If you have difficulty writing a resume, there are online helps to seek like employmentboost.com. However, these kinds of services involve fees in their works so unless you have the budget, you can simply for a resume all on your own by avoiding mistakes commonly found. First, avoid describing yourself overly at the top of the resume. This section usually goes right after your name and details of contact. You should maximize the use of this space by providing summary regarding yourself in simple, easy-to-follow,

Become a Taxation Professional

With every passing day, there are new trends and techniques that are being developed when it comes to taxation. It means that taxation students should remain sharp and therefore must keep an eye on the trends. At VU these trends are not only considered but are also applied in the best manner. It means that the faculty is there to teach you so you understand what the current situation of the international tax market is at all times. In this way, they are able to keep a pace with the techniques that can change the course of mind of any tax professional. VU’s Master of Science in taxation has been devised to ensure that the students receive 100% pure tax knowledge so that they can apply it to be successful.

There are certain aspects that are covered when it comes to this degree. They are also regarded as the features of the degree. It also means that VU expects the students to gain even more knowledge once the program has been successfully completed. A greater knowledge in taxation ensures