Why You Dont Need an HR Manager

I can hear all my HR friends out there screaming when they read this title.  As a consultant and coach to many small business owners, I have often found myself advising business owners to analyze their specific needs before adding to their headcount. And creating a human resource manager position is at the top of the list of what to reevaluate.

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I always start with this question, “What is causing you to consider adding an HR manager to your staff?” Often I’ll hear an answer related to the number of employees in the company. When businesses get to the 40-plus employee count, those in leadership positions start to think that of course they need an HR manager.

So, if your own answer to my question also revolves around the number of employees you have, think again — and analyze. Carefully examine the following seven questions to determine what this new HR position would be for:

1. Payroll and benefits?

These functions can easily be outsourced if you haven’t already done so. There are plenty of payroll and PEOs (professional employer organizations) available to

3 Tips for Managing a Boss You Dont Even Like

bad-bossIf you’ve ever had a job, you’ve probably felt that your boss is a jerk. They want too much, they set unreasonable tasks and they just don’t get you. Yet, a key element of a harmonic work environment and stress-free life is a good relationship with your boss or a manager.

If you’re a manager yourself, then you should know: 50 percent of employees have quit their job because of their supervisor.

Why should you bother?

If you have a really terrible boss (the meme material), you may ask why should you even try to make that relationship work. In short, humans are happier when there’s less conflict in our lives. According to Towers Watson, of 75 possible drivers of engagement the one that is rated as the most important is the extent to which employees believe their senior management have a sincere interest in their well-being.

Also, there may come a time you need a letter of recommendation. If your boss seems bad, there are a lot of ways to make your work-life less stressful and more peaceful. Even if they sometimes are too demanding and act unfairly, establishing trust and partnership is a

4 Ways to Avoid the Worthless Annual Performance Review and Give Valuable Feedback

It’s the time of year for something both employees and bosses dread: the performance review.

An employee walks into his supervisor’s office for his scheduled 15-minute review. The boss looks down at his notes and tries to remember how the employee did on a project that finished nine months ago. The employee tries not to yawn as he listens to comments that are no longer relevant to what he’s currently working on.

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Once the review has gone on for an appropriate amount of time, the employee goes back to his desk and both he and the supervisor forget about it.

This type of unproductive annual performance review has become all too common. A 2014 survey from the Society for Human Resource Management found that if HR professionals could grade the effectiveness of their organization’s performance management, 35 percent would grade it a C or worse. Only 2 percent would give their company an A.

It’s time to change how we evaluate performance. Here are four ways to make reviews more useful for both employees and employers:

1. Let employees choose the date.

Deciding that

Jobs Still at Risk from Asbestos Related Diseases

Despite the fact that the last form of asbestos based material was banned from use back in 1999, it has by no means been wiped from the face of the earth.

In fact, every day there are people who work in industries which require them to be exposed to the disease-inducing fibre, which is one of the main causes of cancers like mesothelioma.

To find out whether you actually might be at more risk than you thought, or find out how industries cope with asbestos daily, see this list of the jobs most at risk from asbestos-related diseases.


Asbestos materials were used heavily in the construction of buildings before the first materials were banned back in 1985, both as insulants and for fireproofing around electrical currents.

Whilst new constructions aren’t at risk of exposing asbestos fibres, those renovating or demolishing older buildings certainly are.

This has also sprung a brand new line of work within construction which is asbestos removal. You can find out more at the Directgov site.



Everything You Need to Know About Finding a Job After Graduation

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the employment landscape is pretty grim for recent graduates.

After all, the average grad salary is at a 30-month low, there are less and less grad jobs available and as almost half regret going to university altogether!

However, there is evidence that things are improving for graduates and with a little bit of help, finding a job after uni doesn’t have to be doom and gloom!

So here are some things to bear in mind before diving into the world of full-time employment:

Show some personality

Obviously, you need to be careful when writing your CV. You need to show potential employers that you’re a professional and serious individual and say all of the right things.

But this doesn’t mean you should sacrifice any sense of personality. Nobody wants to employ a robot so avoid just stuffing your CV with buzzwords and banging on about how ‘driven’ you are.

Many of the younger generation fail to grasp just how valuable their youth and the skills that come with that are to a business.

For example, your extensive use of social media might seem

Right And Responsible Expedited Shipping Jobs

Everyone who ships and should take ships for transporting goods must know very well how this one special job is really a heavy risk one. This one never goes without insurance, one with detailed clauses and wordings, that will at the very least takes anyone calm and ensured about the legal thing. But, no one will ever really get calm when their goods are still on ships. Not until they are arrived safely at the end point of their journey, most likely in the hands of end consumer. Whatever they are called; sales, vendors, transporter, or simply anyone that gets involved in shipping carries burden on their shoulder, literary and not so literary, every time there are goods to expedite, simply every time when there is shipping. This job really makes every boss likely feel hard to sleep well.


But that, supposed to happen only if your expedited shipping jobs contractor is the random one. The random one could really does so; making you feel worry and uncertain and sometimes even weary every time. Not to mention, such a detail jobs like expedited shipping requires a detail preparation too. So, not only when the ships are on the go, but

Best Medical Staffing Company to get Best Medical Staff

If you have a business in health service, then you will know the importance of medical staffs. In this case, the medical staffs cannot be taken or recruited randomly. Random choice and decision will only bring a problem and you will never want it to happen. In this case, your staffs will determine the quality of your medical services. If you wan to have a good business in medical services, then it is a must to get the best medical staffs.

To get the medical staffs, it is possible to make recruitment. However, it requires special staffs that know how to recruit the staffs. In this case, there is a faster solution to get good medical staff. Tehre is Medical staffing Houston TX that can provide you with th medical staffs. You do not need to get confused because you do not have good staffs. You also do not need to prepare your own recruitment. All of those steps are done by the medical staffing company. The company can provides you with what you need to run your business. Surely, this is a good solution. There is nothing to worry anymore because you can get the staffs that you need.


Reduce Your Loading Time with Best Swivel Loading Ramps

You might find it difficult to load and transport your heavy equipment into your vehicle. At this rate, you will need such heavy equipment loading ramps to deal with any loading or transporting duty. Now, where is the best place to find a loading ramp solution?

If you are looking for high quality swivel loading ramp, National Fleet Products can be one of the sites on your list. National Fleet Products offers a series of swivel loading ramp including WM PC Series, WM Light Series and WM Light Plus Series. The WM PC Series is able to hold 1,300 – 3,300 Lbs. loading capacity while the WM Light Plus is able to hold only 880 – 1,300 Lbs. loading capacity. Meanwhile, the WM Light Series is a removable ramp with 800 Lbs. loading capacity.

All of the loading ramp products provided by National Fleet Products will sensitively reduce time of loading and transport as well as decrease operator fatigue. It will help improving any working condition as well. And the best is that the operator can safely perform any transfer procedure. The loading ramps are certainly easy to use with 10 seconds only to deploy.

Moreover, it also offers customable features and